Chicken Breeds Homework

Chicken Breed Homework Brahma About the Brahma The Brahma is an American breed of chicken. It was developed in the United States from birds imported from the Chinese port of Shanghai, and was the principal American meat breed from the 1850s until about 1930. The birds are very large. Watch the video to see how large […]

Pumpkin Homework

Fusarium Fruit Rot Other Name: Fusarium Wilt of Cucurbits, Fusarium Rot Pathogen: Fusarium solani f.sp. cucurbitae Organism: Fungi Fusarium Rot of Cucurbits is a fungal disease that can affect the roots, stem, and fruit, particularly pumpkins and squash. The disease consists of two different races (pathovars) — race 1 targets the stems, roots, and fruit of the plant […]