Bloom and Grow High School Program offered by Blossoms Florist Inc.

Blossoms Florist Inc., in collaboration with Agricademy Inc., is excited to present the Bloom and Grow High School Program to teens in the Cincinnati Tri-State Area.

Does your teen have an interest in exploring a multi-billion-dollar industry that’s largely new to the black community? The program offers an engaging introduction to floriculture, a STEM-based discipline that merges the science of plant cultivation with technology and artistic design. Our aim is to equip students with comprehensive training in floriculture, encouraging them to explore various career paths and higher education opportunities in this flourishing field.

Over eight weeks, participants will engage in STEM-focused activities, gaining hands-on experience in botany, horticulture, floral design, plant care, and more. They’ll unleash their creativity, deepen their understanding of the floriculture industry, and discover potential careers in areas like floral design and agricultural technology.

We’re committed to guiding students in exploring further educational paths and careers in floriculture, botany, and related fields, suitable for high schoolers. The program culminates in a showcase where students present their creations.

Enrollment Criteria:

  • Residency in the Cincinnati Tri-State area
  • Aged 14-18, in grades 9th-12th, attending a local high school or homeschooled
  • Parental consent and signed enrollment documents
  • This class is open to both girls and boys
  • Participation in hybrid classes (a mix of in-person and online)

We’re offering this program to 10 students, covering all fees. Selected participants will be notified via enrollment email by April 3, 2024. Classes commence on April 10, 2024 at Blossoms Florist Inc. at:

Blossoms Florist Inc., 8711 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH 45215

Explore the colorful world of floriculture and the opportunities it holds for your teen. Join us in nurturing the next generation of plant scientists, designers, and industry innovators.