Individual Workshop Sponsorship


Individual Workshop Sponsorship

Would you, your organization, corporation, church or business like to sponsor a Make Agriculture Cool: A Traveling Agriscience School Workshop? The sponsorship price is $500 per workshop. Your sponsorship will allow students to learn about the agriculture industry and expose your business/organization to thousands of individuals. Our goals is to hold a minimum of 40 free workshops for the attendees and collectively educate 1000+ youth over the course of the 2020 project.

All Sponsors receive the following Brand Awareness Benefits:

  1. Your logo and sponsorship acknowledgement on the workshop materials
  2. logo and text on sponsors page on the Agricademy Inc. Project’s Website
  3. Recognition on our member mailing list and social media channels
  4. Advertisement of one of your products or services on our social media accounts
  5. Public acknowledgment of your organization during the workshop
  6. Any marketing materials you wish to provide will be distributed to workshop participants

To arrange a sponsorship, or for more information, please contact Nadia Ruffin at These are the following workshops you can choose from to sponsor. Workshops will start in January 2020 and will be held around different locations in the Cincinnati Tri-State Area. 

  1. Mushrooms
  2. Whipped Cream and Butter
  3. Sweet Potatoes
  4. Chocolate
  5. Poultry-Chickens
  6. Poultry-Eggs
  7. Fruits and Vegetables
  8. Corn and Popcorn
  9. Corn and Tortilla Chips
  10. Composting Worms
  11. Starting Seeds
  12. Sunflowers
  13. Forensic Entomology-Food
  14. Hornworms
  15. Paper
  16. Mealworms
  17. Potatoes and Potato Chips
  18. Cotton
  19. Bees
  20. Luffa Sponges
  21. Beneficial Insects and Arthropods
  22. Medical Entomology
  23. Tomatoes
  24. Hemp
  25. Vanilla
  26. Peppers
  27. Hydroponics
  28. Smoothies
  29. Silk
  30. Cockroaches
  31. Veterinary Medicine
  32. Cloning Plants
  33. Solar Energy
  34. Food Safety
  35. Microbiology
  36. Horse Industry
  37. Agribusiness
  38. Marketing-Branding-Logo Development
  39. Marketing-Flyers
  40. Marketing-Videos
  41. Agricultural Engineer
  42. Floriculture
  43. Cheese Making
  44. Wheat-Bread
  45. Squash and Gourds
  46. Aquaculture
  47. Biotechnology
  48. Environmental Science
  49. Information Technology/Computer Science