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Throughout this course, students will demonstrate an understanding of the principles and elements of floral design. Students will prepare flowers and plants for floral arrangements. In addition, students will prepare floral arrangements for special occasions using the principles and elements of design, such as designing single flower boutonnieres to multiple flower arrangements.

Only 2% of the florists in the United States are black. We would like to get more black people interested in this industry and have those dollars circulating within our community. With the pandemic the demand for flowers has increased while the availability of options has decreased due to less importation of good from other countries. This decline in the supply chain has created many opportunities for black people to jump into the industry and take off running. There’s a growing demand at all education levels for students interested in careers in:
Floral Design
Hard Goods
Flower/Plant Breeding

Our course will educate the students that enroll about all these opportunities that fall under this floriculture/floral design industry.

Course Content

Week 1 History and Careers in Floral Design
Week 2 Botany Care and Handling
Week 3 Elements and Principles of Design
Week 4 Design Application and Style
Week 5 Retail and Marketing
Week 6 Plant Identification
Week 7 Weddings and Large Events
Week 8 Crop Production